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Independent Research and Ratings Guide 2014

The objective of this website is to study and report the safety and effectiveness of popular penis enhancement pills that claim to permanently enlarge penis size and increase sexual stamina. We spent the last 10 months carefully investigating and testing 25+ pills for penile enlargement. We sought to find finest options that provided results without side effects. To our surprise most of the products produced results that where much below standards and claims where just marketing hype. Many of advertised products and treatments had unpleasant side effects like lesser semen volume, reduced penile sensations and itching on penis and testicles.

Our Product Evaluation Methodology

We studied over 25+ over the counter male enhancement options which comprised of creams, tablets, lotions, synthetic therapies, mechanical devices and techniques performed by doctors. We found that 3 brands of pills provide the most significant results. Following is the criteria used to study and rank each option:

  • Effectiveness
  • Safety
  • Overall success rate
  • Works for Men and Women
  • Works on all types of hair
  • Speed of results
  • Herbal
  • Ease of use
  • Price
  • Any guarantees

Results: We identified 3 products over that 10 month evaluation period that met all of our criteria. The following are the top 3 natural solutions that were fast acting, provided side effects free, long lasting and had superior results.

#1 Vigrx PlusVigRx Plus Pills

Success Rate: Excellent

Side Effects: None

Overall Rating:  5 Stars

Official Website:

Guarantees: 67 Days Full Refund Guarantee

Among the 20+ penile enhancement pills we’ve reviewed, it was evident that Vigrx Plus deserved to be rated No.1 based on user results and quality of ingredients. Created by top male sexual enhancement product company called Leading Edge Health, Inc. Vigrx Plus is a clinically proven and doctor endorsed penis pill that is well known to naturally enlarge penis size than any other product. The potent non prescription formula contained in these pills increases the size of penis through supporting significantly more blood to the three erectile chambers of the penis. Regular usage of Vigrx pills is also documented to achieve longer-lasting erections and more forceful orgasms. significantly more blood rushes to the three erectile chambers of the penis
Vigrx Plus Pills comprise of US FDA approved ingredients in the GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) category. GRAS is only awarded to products safe enough to be purchased without a prescription that have no side effects.

In the research conducted by us, 94% of users reported a dramatic improvement penis size and overall sexual performance. We found that one of the keys behind the Vigrx Plus success is Bioperene. Clinical Studies in the United States have proven that Bioperene massively increases the absorption rates penis enlargement herbs that constitute Vigrx Plus Pills which in absent in other solutions.

Bottom line:

Vigrx Plus is a clinically proven non-prescription penile enhancer. The overwhelming independent research assures that Vigrx Plus Pills are very effective. If you’re looking for permanent penile enlargement pills that actually work without doing daily penile exercises to support growth, then you can’t go wrong with Vigrx Plus.
Before and After Results

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#2 Prosolution PillsNew Prosolution Pills

Success Rate: Good

Side Effects: None

Overall Rating:  4 Stars

Guarantees: 6 Month Full Refund Guarantee

Official Website:

Prosolution Pills is an innovative medically designed two part male enhancement system that increases penile size of erect penis in both length and girth.  Specially formulated herbal pills and a penis exercise plan comprises of this time tested penis enhancement system.

The herbal penis pills contain all natural active nutrients such as Drilizen, Momordica, L-Dopa known to get bigger, harder erections faster along with an increase in regular sex drive in males. The penis exercise program comprises of exercises based on the “Progressive Overload” principle that when assisted with herbal pills grow erect penis size overtime. Prosolution system works inside out which makes it extremely effective male enhancer.

The reason we rank it at No. 2 is that some users state that they often were short on time to do the exercises which resulted in less than optimum results. And also if the therapy is taken religiously the same two-way approach doesn’t lessen the duration of six months to get best possible gains.

Bottom Line:

With this two way approach one can now have bigger penis and more satisfying sex life without using any sort of gadgets, stretchers, or surgery. Although individual results vary depending on the consistency with which this pill and exercises program is followed, we found that this product works in nearly all cases.

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#3 Male ExtraMale Extra Pills

Success Rate: Good

Side Effects: None

Overall Rating:  4 Stars

Guarantees: 6 Month Full Refund Guarantee

Official Website:

Male Extra is yet another top rated male enhancement system that is close third on our rankings. It helps penis grow longer, have harder erections and get more intense orgasms. Male extra is also a combination of two part system comprising of pills and a PenisHealth exercise regimen based on cutting edge science.

Male Extra provides 1500 mg of the quality nutrients that are proven to enhance penile blood flow. This high potency of ingredients is not available in majority of enlargement products we studied. The PenisHealth exercises that come along Male Extra, are provided in a DVD form; it visually demonstrates the exercises that are needed to be done 8 minutes a day.
Our investigation revealed that the pills increase penile blood flow and cell replication internally which when augmented with advanced penis stretching techniques add permanent length to your penis. The product is all natural, safe and has no side effects like prescription medication.

We found that past users testify the fact that they started to experience higher sexual drive and increased dick length within 3 months on this program. Proven in clinical studies and human experience validates the claim that this penis enhancer does really work.

Bottom Line:

Male Extra works from within your body to enlarge your penis in size and shape. It is one of the few guaranteed natural male enhancement supplement that assures penis gains up to 3 inches in length. Male extra is better than competition because it contains much higher dosage of pure natural ingredients that give much better results in shorter time. But daily exercise routine is a major drawback for busy users.

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How fast are the results?

You shouldn’t expect overnight results. Despite what product websites may claim, there is no miracle pill to makes you grow big penis within days. Every individual has a different response to herbal nutrients. Slowly but gradually you will experience results with passage of time. It does matter what size of your penis is at the start. If penis is of average length then it will get longer more slowly than a less than average penis size. We found individuals reporting best size gains who used the products for at least 6 months without any misses. So clearly it will take time to see results. However our research shows that if you follow the directions that come with each product religiously, you can achieve better results faster.

Are other penis enlargement methods not that effective?

From our online research and surveys it shows that a large number of sufferers have tried different methods out there. Commonly used enhancement solutions comprise of pills, creams, tablets, lotions, synthetic therapies, penis exercise programs, vacuum pumps, mechanical devices and surgical techniques performed by doctors. So what really works and what is just garbage?
We documented past user experience with various methods to determine what worked or did not work for them.

The feedback clearly showed that surgical male enhancement, vacuum pumps and mechanical devices are desperate options that have serious side effects. There can be scarring, lose of sensation and in worst cases damage to critical blood vessels and capillaries.

Medically designed penis pills like Vigrx Plus, Prosolution and Male Extra had the highest user satisfaction levels. They gave the best results followed by penis exercise programs and surgical male enhancement. Other ways to enlarge penis had mixed positive and negative response. Most men are more inclined to try safe and 100% guaranteed natural formula’s that have no artificial or narcotic substances.

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